SOLTARA is a global community and Healing Center located in Costa Rica that invites people to reconnect with themselves and with nature. SOLTARA works with traditional Peruvian Shipibo shamans and the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca, as well as other traditional and modern healing modalities, to help people along this path of self-discovery.
I was invited to create the opening sequence of a short documentary (directed by Ricardo D'Aguiar) where specialists explains how do they work with the plant medicine at the Healing Center.
Client: Soltara Healing Center
Production: Ricardo D'Aguiar and Bia Labate
Art Direction and Design: Adriano D'Aguiar
Editing and Color: Adriano D'Aguiar
VFX and Motion Graphics: Adriano D'Aguiar
Soundtrack: "Gold" - by Monster Rally (( thank's!!! :))
Year: 2018
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