Video teaser for Ruptly Academy release. Ruptly Academy is an online course that offers for aspiring international journalists the chance to enhance their professional skills.
In this project I had the opportunity to create, direct and animate all the motion graphics content of the video-classes with a team of designers, motion designers and an editor. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with the art direction of the filming and I was responsible for the delivery and quality of 10 tutorials (aprox. 20 minutes each) and for the creation and execution of social media teasers in different formats.
Production: Ruptly
Chief digital officer: Mitya Keshishev
Creative Director: Vadim Maximov
Art Direction: Ilya Shnob
Head of Motion Design: Adriano D'Aguiar
Motion Design: Jorge Zenteno, Raquel Gonçalvez and Adriano D'Aguiar
Year: 2020
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