Nike Sports Festival took 25 thousand people to a beach in Rio to celebrate the launch of the Brazilian National Football Team’s Jersey. The party was conducted by a "virtual animated M.C." that we created and a vast variety of motion graphic vignettes and videos created by my team, in a huge LED screen. 
The main challenge was to imprint Nike’s identity in a fun and light-hearted manner to keep the public tuned in and excited right through until the end of the event when the uniform to be used by the Brazilian National Football Team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup was revealed.
This project was a collaboration between Grupo Sal, SR Com and Nike.
Client: Nike
Production: Grupo Sal 
Director: Marcelus Viana
Script: Grupo Sal /Marcelus Viana
Motion Graphics: Adriano D'Aguiar, Juarez Escosteguy and Fabio Zamborlini
VJ: Martin Holzmeister
Year: 2013

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