Teaser for the launch of Ruptly's project "The Last Page".
This unique cross-platform project allows the investigation of the mysterious death of a group of Hikers (the Dyatlov Group) in the North Ural mountains 60 years ago.
In this project I had the opportunity to work on Ruptly's creative team in Berlin to create more than 20 videos, do the art direction, motion graphics and edit all audio-visual content of the platform as well as promotional videos.
Shorty Awards:
Multi-Platform campaign - Winner
Storytelling - Winner

The Society for News Design:

Best Use of Video - Silver
Best Use of Photography or Photo Story - Award of Excellence
Best Homepage or Landing Page - Award of Excellence

Best New or Redesigned Product, Site, Page or App - Award of Excellence
Best Storytelling, Multimedia or Interactive Tools - Award of Excellence

*Other winners included the New York Times, The Washington Post and Reuters.

You can experience the Dyatlov Pass story and watch all the videos here:
Client: Ruptly
Chief digital officer: Mitya Keshishev
Creative Director: Vadim Maximov
Art Direction & Motion Graphics: Adriano D'Aguiar

Year: 2019
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