“Dub Echoes” is a independent documentary that traces the origins of the Jamaican dub music and it’s influence on the development of hip hop and electronic music. 
I had the pleasure to to work on this project, with a super enthusiastic crew, to create the visual identity of the documentary and all the graphic package which includes  this open titles sequence, lots of vignettes, lower thirds, etc.
The documentary was selected for festivals like Sónar (Spain), CPHD:DOX (Denmark) and WMC MIAMI (USA) among many others around the world. 
Official website: dubechoes.com
Client: Videograma
Director: Bruno Natal
Motion Graphics: Adriano D'Aguiar, Juarez Escosteguy
Illustrations: Emilio Rangel
Soundtrack: Digital Dubs Sound System
Year: 2008

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